Services for Clients

Nick will help you with:

Business Growth – identifying and dealing proactively with the legal challenges associated with your plans for growth;

Contracts and Business Relationships – helping you to negotiate fair and profitable contracts with lenders, suppliers, customers and collaborators;

Your People – working with your HR team to enable positive recruitment, management and reward of staff and the fair and effective treatment of staff issues;

Compliance – identifying the law and best practice for your size and type of business and helping you to put appropriate policies, processes and training in place to achieve cost effective compliance;

Intellectual Property – helping you to identify, protect and exploit these valuable assets;

Real Property – Nick is not a real estate lawyer but he can help you to manage your business premises with the help of his specialist colleagues;

Dispute Resolution – Helping you to assess and manage disputes commercially and cost effectively and commissioning expert assistance, as necessary;

Exit – Helping you to develop a plan, reviewing the business structure and agreements with key stakeholders and helping you to prepare the business for scrutiny by a potential purchaser.

Tina will help you with:

Contractual disputes – involving customers, suppliers, collaborators, shareholders, partners, advisers, agents, distributors and others;

Property disputes – including ownership, lease renewal, tenancy terms, rights of occupation, covenants, easements, rent and nuisance;

Money Disputes Debts, Loans, Mortgages and Charges – including issuing a statutory demand, enforcement, resistance and recovery, asset checks and tracing;

Defamation – initial advice concerning claims of slander, libel and malicious falsehood;

Statutory Bodies – e.g. the Health & Safety Executive, Coroner’s Inquest, local authorities;

Negligence – pursuing or resisting claims of negligence allegedly causing damage to property, financial loss, personal injury, death or industrial disease;

Mediation/Alternative Dispute Resolution as an alternative to litigation;

Surveillance – organising discrete surveillance on your behalf;

Assisting your Advocate – assisting you  and your chosen barrister to prepare your case, including witness statements, disclosure etc;

Third Party Funding/ATE – advising and applying for funding to enable litigation against a wealthier opponent on a level playing field.