Unique Selling Points

Like your favourite brand of coffee, Nick’s service has three attractive features:


The price is right

  • Nick’s work and his many years of qualified experience will cost you less than the work of a partner at any city or regional law firm;
  • He’ll estimate the time and cost of the work and seek your approval before starting;

The ingredients make it taste great

  • Nick will do the work. He won’t delegate it to anyone else;
  • If a meeting’s required, he’ll come to you; he’ll be a member of your team and he’ll free up your senior managers to do what they do best;
  • He’ll take your commercial goals and your business culture into account;
  • He’ll give clear, constructive, commercial advice – no legal jargon;
  • He’ll make time for a regular, free of charge, work review.

You can choose how it’s served

  • Nick can work from home or on your premises to suit you;
  • He can use his firm’s IT and appear to be your ‘external lawyer’ or he can use your IT and appear to be your ‘in-house lawyer’;
  • He can undertake a standalone project or work on a retainer;
  • He can flex his working time from as little as one day per month to as much as three days per week, to suit you.

In order to resolve a dispute in a cost effective way, Tina will:

Assist you to analyse and review its merits and its potential cost/value;

Assist with appropriate informal correspondence, to avoid litigation if possible;

Recruit a strong litigation support team, including a barrister, third party funders if necessary and relevant field experts, e.g. financial, engineering, medical etc.

Assist you to liaise with other stakeholders, e.g. insurer, mortgagee, professional body, trade association, trustees and shareholders;

Manage the litigation process, from letter of claim through to settlement or trial, in close contact with you. (If necessary, Tina will appear at procedural hearings on your behalf);

Assist you with all opportunities for resolution before trial (including without prejudice communications, settlement negotiations and mediation).

Tina will not undertake any work until you have agreed the scope of it and the charge for it. The charge rate for Tina’s service is very competitive and she is willing to discuss fixed fees and staged payments. You will not receive any unexpected bill.